"I would like to thank you Samantha ,  for the counseling you have provided for me in a time in my life when I lost focus. Hence, on the gift that God gives us to cope with our daily life schedule. Talking to you have been a pleasure and I look forward to know that I have someone that can provide positive feedback in the future. May God bless you and your family. "-L. R

"Samantha has been a great help in assisting me with transitioning to adulthood while working through my childhood trauma. As a young adult, I was nervous about going into therapy because I didn't want to be misunderstood or judged. Samantha is the opposite. She speaks to me in a way that I relate to and makes me feel safe." DD  

"Since I’ve been seeing Samantha I’ve been in my happy place. I’m not saying my problems are gone but I’m learning to handle them differently. The first session I had with Samantha she spoke life into and spoke to the power within me so that I could change my situation. I knew what type of therapist I wanted but God knew who I needed."-H.L

"Samantha has been a great therapist to work with. I was recommended to her by a friend. This was my first time receiving therapy from a licensed therapist and I was really nervous. She helped me to relax and open up so that she could help me figure out tools to cope with things in my life. The tools she has provided I use daily and it has greatly helped my outlook on what I need to do so I can maintain a healthy mental state.I am thankful to have someone who I can relate to while receiving help. I have recommended Samantha to friends and family as well during my journey and she has helped us all."-K. H

"Your service has made such a difference in my life. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and care during some of the hardest times of my adult life. I wish more people realized that therapy is life changing and that there are people like you who can assist with starting to live and experience a better and higher quality life. " - E.W

"Finding someone that you can confide in can be unnerving in this day & age but I truly have found that with Samantha. I appreciate her availability & flexibility. She is in touch with the real world & allows you to speak but gives you the tools to sort through any thinking errors or issues with healthier cognitive behavior changes. Self awareness is key & she helps you get there!!" - J.W

"Before I started therapy I was having 2-3 panic attacks a week and was not able to cope with anything. Now I have been taught many coping skills and have learned to understand my anxiety more to help me through out my day. I can now do my everyday activities and know what to do when I struggle with them. Having someone to talk to who looks like me made opening up easier because I know that she could relate and I wouldn’t be judged."- T.H

"We were so fortunate to find Mrs. Allison. Our daughter was having multiple panic attacks a week and we didn't know where to turn. After creating a relationship with Mrs. Allison and using the tools provided our daughter has been able to decrease her therapy sessions and function daily without panic attacks. When she is having a difficult time she is able to use the techniques taught to her and is able to persevere.  We are forever grateful for Mrs. Allison. "- V.H.

"Samantha I want to take this time and say THANK YOU for everything you've done for our family. My daughter has overcome many obstacles and she's really in a great place mentally. I appreciate your time and dedication for helping adolescents cope with their difficulties in a contrasting manner. I can't thank you enough, you’re the greatest ." B.E